What is the BBRT?

The BBRT is in reality an idea (the "BB" model) and a community (the "RT"). The development of the idea keeps the community vital, and a vital community helps develop the idea. The power of the idea binds the community together and fuels growth.

What is the BBRT Community?

The BBRT is an independent international research collaborative that supports a global network of BBRT regions and members that share knowledge for mutual benefit. It is at the center of a new movement that is searching for ways to build lean, adaptive and ethical organizations.

Who should join the BBRT?

The BBRT welcomes all individuals and organizations that want to learn and improve their performance management processes and cultures. Every BB journey is different. The only belief you need is that you share in the problems we have identified and would like to move toward a better approach. What you do and how you do it is up to you.

All members are general members. This enables members to learn by accessing accumulated knowledge and building networks with others. Further learning can be accommodated through advanced membership groups and special interest groups that enable members to learn more about applying the model in some particular way (e.g., to different industry types). The BBRT also welcomes Consultants or IT companies that want to develop client-based solutions from BB ideas and principles.